From NO. 1 to NO.7, these seven work pieces were produced during the process of purely following the feeling, senses, and desires of the 'body,' escaping from the obsessive addiction to my body, and aiming for the state awakened to the 'present', overcoming anxiety and fear, and affirming all factors for life. Moreover, through the period of making these artwork, I freed from the action of the 'mind' to control body and from socially accepted notions The action of randomly throwing hundreds of eggs against the wall of my studio('NO.1'), cutting my hair with my own hands('NO.4'), cleaning my studio everyday and packing the wastes in one plastic bag each day('NO.5'), and the process in which I convey the union between me and space that I felt while learning to belly dance into my works are performed by using my own body('NO.7')—and these are not limited to the dimension of mere mental thoughts. The 'frankness' of my works during that period, which were produced by spontaneously following the feeling and desires of my body unbounded by thoughts, gives tenacity to the existence of each work of mine. After this period, when I came to London, it was not easy for me to adapt to the new environment. For that reason, I became to have an interest in expressing the obsessive tendency of mine. Therefore, 'Scratching the wall', 'Ripping, Ripping and Ripping' and 'I can not do anything' were produced.