2012 첼시 런던 예술대학교 순수미술 석사, 런던

MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art & Design, London

2010 이화여자대학교 대학원 미술학부,조소전공, 서울

M.F.A. in Fine Arts (Sculpture), Ewha Womans Univ. Seoul

2005 이화여자대학교 조형예술대학, 조소전공(미술사 부전공), 서울

B.F.A. in Sculpture, Ewha Womans Univ. Seoul (Minored in History of Art)

1999 계원예술고등학교, 서양화 전공, 경기도

Kaywon High School of Arts, GyeonGI-Do (Department of Art -Majored in Painting)


2015. 02. 07 ~ 2015 . 02. 13 WELCOME TO THE LILA’S VILLA!_BCS gallery, New York


2016 예술을 사용하다 전 _ 모란미술관, 경기도 (2016년 11월 25일 오픈 예정)

Yesul-eul sayonghada _ MORAN MUSEUM OF ART, GyeonGI-Do( It will open at 25.11. 2016.)

2016 신 여름생동 전_ 한전아트센터 기획전시실, 서울

2016 Summer - the new season full of vitality_ the Special Exhibition Room of the KEPCO Art Center, Seoul

E19782016 _ Ieyoung Contemporary Art Museum, GyeonGI-Do

2015 강원 문화날다 _ opening performance_하슬라 미술관, 강릉

opening performance at Let’s fly, Kangwon Culture!_ Haslla Art Museum, Gang-Neung

ARPNY VIBES: VARIABLE FORMS _ and N gallery, Seoul

그들이 사는 세상_ 고려대학교 이과대학 하나 스퀘어, 서울

The World they live in_ Hana Squar e of The Korea University, Seoul

BYOB Seoul _ 2015 O’NewWall MayFest program_ Seoul

점•선•면아 놀자!! _쉐마 미술관, 청주

Let’s play with Point•Line•Plane!! _Schema Art Museum, Cheong –Ju. (South Korea)

성북 예술동 프로젝트: 성북 1 치안센터 의자 프로젝트, 서울

성북 예술동 _ 성북예술창작터, 서울 (성북 문화 재단 후원)

Seong Buk Art Village Project: Seong Buk 1 police division system Chair Project, Seoul

Seong Buk Art Village_ Seong Buk Young Art space, Seoul
(Those two exhibitions were supported by Seong Buk Cultural Foundation.)

2014 -사이-사이- SPACE NO, 서울

-SA · E-SA · E- SPACE NO, Seoul

시간의 축적, 기억의 공간_ 스페이스 컴, 서울

the accumulation of time & the space of memories_ space cum, Seoul

AU(Asian Union)_ BCS gallery, New York

Opening performance -“BEARING”- at Hyejin Kim Solo exhibition_ BCS gallery, New York

2013 Channels of Interpretation_ 스페이스 컴, 서울

Channels of Interpretation _SPACE CUM, Seoul

2012 첼시 살롱 시리즈_라운드 채플, 런던

Chelsea Salon Series – Salon at Round Chapel, London

2010 시행착오_정독 갤러리, 서울

Trial and Error, Jeong Dok Gallery, Seoul

2007 The Observers_스페이스 무음, 서울

The Observers _Space Mueum, Seoul

2006 "우리, 차이 나?"_동덕 아트 갤러리, 서울

"U-Li, Chai na?"_The Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul

2005 BRAVO Hite! 상상예찬 (Opening performance with Enjo Yee, “뽕뽕 Express”) _가나 아트 스페이스, 서울

BRAVO Hite! Imaginary Admiration (Opening performance with Enjo Yee, “Phong Phong Express”) _ GANA ART SPACE, Seoul


2015 joint grant from Illycaffè & Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto

2006 이화 여자 대학교 설립 120주년 기념 설치대회 우수상 수상(최우수상 없음)및 설치전_이화 여자 대학교 대강당, 서울

Won an Excellent Award in Installation Art & Design Contest for celebrating the 120th Anniversary of EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY in 2006.
(There was no the grand prize of that contest.)_Welch-Ryang Auditorium, Seoul


2015 05~ 09 Oct. participated in the UNIDEE Residency Program_ Biella, Italy

Aug Haslla Art World Residency, Gang-Neung, Korea

2014 July~ Aug, 2014 Dec ~ 2015 Feb_ ARPNY, New York, U.S.A


2016 Sep the lecturer of College of Art & Design at Kyung Hee University.

22th of July ~ 28th of July the Instructor of 2016 MORAN MUSEUM OF ART SCHOOL: It is the 24th Annual Youth Educational Experience Program and
the main theme of this session is ‘HARMONY’. (Supported by Gyeonggi-do Province & Namyangju-si)

2015 Nov Artissima Art Fair, Turin, Italy.

Aug The children education Instructor of 'Dream Tree Installation Art'_ The Haslla Art World Learning Lab ,Gang-Neung, Korea.
(Supported by Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Korea Arts Management Service)

2006. 07. 05 ~ 2006. 07. 07 대학미술협의회 학생 해외답사 (중국 북경 따산츠 798 예술구 및 지우창 지구, 중앙미술학원, 칭화대학교 방문)참여함.(한국문화예술위원회, 서울문화재단 후원)

05 - 07 July 2006 participated undergraduate students trip to abroad hosted by Korea College Art Association. (798 Art District, Jiuchang Art Complex, Central Academy of Fine Art(CAFA), Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University : 4 places mentioned above are located in Beijing, China & Supported by Arts Council Korea & SFAC)

2006. 6. 15 대학 미술 협의회 학생 워크숍 참여함. (한국문화예술위원회, 서울문화재단 후원)

15th of June, 2006 participated the workshop hosted by Korea College Art Association. (Supported by Arts Council Korea & SFAC (Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture))



The news of Seong Buk Art Village Project


About the news of Let’s fly, Kangwon Culture!

2014 예술가들 한·일 친선도모 - 롱아일랜드시티서 연합 전시회